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Name John, Gov of Plymouth CARVER
Birth bpt. 9 Sept 1565, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Death 5 Apr 1621, New Plymouth, Massachusetts
Father James CARVER (1527-)
Mother Katherine (Catherine)
1 Catherine WHITE
Death 16 May 1621, New Plymouth, Massachusetts
Father Alexander WHITE
Marriage ca 1596, Leyden, Holland
Children (Child) (-1609)
Notes for John, Gov of Plymouth CARVER
The Carvers of Plymouth:
There is no documentary proof that James and Catherine (_____) Carver were the parents of Isaac and John Carver, the first governor of the Plymouth Colony. James Carver was a yeoman of Doncaster, Yorkshire. The parish where John Carver was baptized was only seven miles from Austerfield which is next to Bentley where the early English homes of the Brewster and Bradford families were located. It is possible that the father's name was Robert, not James. Charles Edward Banks in English Ancestry and Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers identified John Carver as the son of Robert Carver and gives his baptism at Duncaster, County York [sic], on 9 September 1565. The NEHGR, Vol. 67, p. 382 (October 1913) has two baptismal records which bear out this statement: "1564 Sept. 9 John, s. of Robert Caruer" and "1567 March 27 Wilim s. of Robte Caruer." These entries were copied from the parish register of Duncaster, County York [sic] and were found in a manuscript volume in the Library of the New England Historic Genealogical Society (the Somerby Manuscript volumes containing extracts from various English Parish registers.
There were then three Carvers born about the same period:
ISAAC CARVER of Boston, Lincolnshire, the father of Robert from whom most American Carvers descend. Died at Leyden, Holland.
JOHN CARVE(U)R Bpt. 9 Sept 1564/65, Doncaster, Yorkshire; D [died] 5 Apr 1621, Plymouth Colony; M [married] MRS. CATHERINE (WHITE) LEGGATT ca 1600 - (one child, born in Holland, was buried there)
WILIM CAR(V)UER Bpt. 27 March 1567, Doncaster Parish Register.
History of Marshfield, Lysander Salmon Richards, Vol.1, (Plymouth: The Memorial Press, 1901; repr. Salem: Higginson Books, 1996) Online:
[V. I, Pp. 19 - 23]
Indian Lands and Deeds.
"Of course there were many lands and large tracts of land uninhabited and forsaken by the indians at the time of the landing of the Pilgrim Forefathers, owned by nobody, and in the getting possession of these lands we find the following recorded in Plymouth Colony Records:
"A some to be place before the Records of the several inheritance & granted to all the King & subjects inhabiting within the Governmt of New Plymouth.
Wheras John Carver Will. Bradford Edw. Winslow Wm. Brewster Isaac Allerton and divers others, the subjects of our late Sov. Lord James, by the grace of God, King of Eng. Scot, France & Irel. Defender of the Faith &c. Did in the eighteenth yeare of his raigne of Engl, France & Ireland, and of Scot l. the fifty four which was in the yeare of our Lord God 1620 undertake a voyage into that pt of America called Virginia or New England, thereunto adjoining, there to erect a plantacon & colony of English, intending the glory of God, the inlargemt of his maties dominions and the speciall good of English nation. And whereas by the good providence of our gracious God the said John Carver Will. Bradford Edward Winslow Wm. Brewster Isaac Allerton & their associates arived in New England aforesaid in the harbour of Cape Cod or Paonet scituate in New England, a foresaid, where all the psons entred int a Civil Combinacon being the eleaventh of Novb in the yeare afore mentioned as the subjects of our said Sov. Lord the King to become a Body-politick binding ourselves to observe such lowes & ordinances and obey such officers as from time to time should be made & chosen for our wellordering & guidance. And thereupon by the favor of the Almighty began the first Colony in New England (there being then no other within the said Continent.) At a place called by the natives Apaum a Z s Patuxet, but by the English New Plymouth. All sch lands being void of inhabitants, we the said John Carver Will. Bradford Edward Winslow Wm. Brewster Isaack Allerton the rest our Associates entring into a league of peace with Massassowatt, since called Woosamequin Prince or Sachim of those pts. He the said Massassowat freely gave them all the lands adjacent to them & their heires forever, acknowledging himselfe content to become the subject of our Soveraigne Lord the king aforesaid, his heirs, successors," etc., etc."
Date of death quoted from New England Historic and Genealogical Record as being from William
Bradford's pocketbook by Clifford Nickels Carver in The Carver Family of New England, p.44.
gical and Family History of Maine, George Thomas Little, 1909
The Plymouth Adventure, Ernest Gebler, Doubleday & Co., MCMXL
Appendix to The Plymouth Adventure, passengers on the Mayflower:
John Carver, aged fifty-five to sixty. Died of a stroke while working in the fields during first summer in New Plymouth, 1621. Originally a merchant of Doncaster, Yorkshire.
Mrs. Catherine Carver, his wife. Died soon after her husband. Wm. Bradford said Catherine died "of a broken heart."
Roger Wilder, servant of Carvers.
Desire Minter, a girl of twenty, brought by the Carvers.
- - - - - , a maidservant of Mrs. Carver's. Name unknown.
William Latham, a boy brought by the Carvers.
Pioneers of Massachusetts, Pope, pages 90-91: John Carver "died without issue."
William Bradford's Journal (1621): "In this month of April, whilst they were busy about their seed, their Governor (Mr. John Carver) came out of the field very sick, it being a hot day. He complained greatly of his head and lay down, and within a few hours his senses failed, so as he never spake more till he died, which was within a few days after. Whose death was much lamented and caused great heaviness amongst, as there was cause. He was buried the best manner they could, with some volleys of shot by all that bore arms. And his wife, being a weak woman, died within five or six weeks after him."
The Carvers of New England
, Clifford Nickels Carver, p. 44: The town of Carver, Plymouth County, Massachusetts was named for Gov. John Carver. [A quick look at Plymouth County, Massachusetts in an Atlas reveals that there are now also towns known as North Carver and South Carver.]
Carvers of New England, Clifford Nickels Carver, p. 18:
"It appears that Isaac Carver and John Carver, first Governor of the Plymouth Colony were sons of James Carver of Doncaster, Yorkshire, yeoman, and of his wife Catherine, although documentary evidence of this is not available. In fact, the only known signature of John Carver is that shown in the probate files of the Archdeacons' Court for Surrey on the Will of William Mullins (of the Mayflower), as a witness as well as the writer of the body of the document. All other papers or letters written by him appear to have been destroyed."
Mayflower Compact:
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Isaac Allerton
Mary Allerton (wife)
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Eleanor Billington (wife)
Frances Billington (relation unknown)
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Dorothy May Bradford (wife)
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Richard Gardiner
John Goodman
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John Hooke
Steven Hopkins
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Giles Hopkins (son)
Constance Hopkins (daughter)
Damaris Hopkins (daughter )
Oceanis Hopkins (son) (born during voyage)
John Howland
John Langmore
William Latham
Edward Leister
Edmund Margeson
Christopher Martin
Marie Martin
Desire Minter
Elinor More
Jasper More
Richard More
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William Mullins
Alice Mullins (wife)
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Priscilla Mullins (daughter)
Degory Priest
Solomon Prower
John Rigdale
Alice Rigdale
Thomas Rogers
Joseph Rogers (son)
Henry Sampson
George Soule
Miles Standish
Rose Standish (wife)
Elias Story
Edward Thompson
Edward Tilley
Agnes Tilley (wife)
John Tilley
Joan Tilley (John's wife)
Elizabeth Tilley (daughter)
Thomas Tinker
(The wife Thomas Tinker, name unknown)
(The son Thomas Tinker, name unknown)
William Trevore
John Turner
(two sons of John Turner, unknown)
Master Richard Warren
William White
Susana White (wife)
Peregrine White (son)
Resolved White (son)
Roger Wilder
Thomas Williams
Edward Winslow
Elizabeth Winslow (wife)
Gilbert Winslow (Brother)
006 reg./ONA180fo. /8-1-1619Contract of Apprenticeship
Parties: Henry Gallant, husband of Alice Thomas, Leyden; Alice Thomas, wife of Henry Gallant, Leyden; Isaac Allerton, Leyden;
Contract in which it is agreed that twelve-year old John Hooke, son born to Alice Thomas when she was married to John Hooke, will be apprenticed to a tailor named Isaac Allerton to learn the trade. The apprenticeship is contracted for a period of twelve years, beginning on February 2, 1619. Moreover, Allerton will arrange for John Hooke to learn to read and write and he will raise the boy in the faith. Parties further agree that John Hooke will enjoy free clothing, bed and board. During the agreed term of the apprenticeship John Hooke will not start working for somebody else, neither in Leyden nor elsewhere. John Hooke has agreed to the terms of this apprenticeship contract in the presence of the notary public.
Witnesses: John Carver, Pieter van Velsen, clerk.
003 reg./ONA179fo. 90/7-12-1617Partnership Agreement
Parties: Jonathan Brewster, ribbon-weaver, Leyden; Kloksteeg, Thomas Brewer, Leyden, De Groene Poort, Pieterskerkhof;
Agreement to jointly conduct a business and resolve any disputes by arbitration, to the exclusion of the competent court. Parties appoint William Brewster, printer, John Carver, Robert Congham and John Keble as arbitrators.
Witnesses: John Carver, Stephen Butterfield.
1031/B60/23-3-1617Marriage certificate
Parties: John Michaelson (Jennings), widower of Elisabeth Pettinger, merchant, Essex, Rose Lisle, spinster, Yarmouth;
Marriage certificate John Michaelson (Jennings) and Rose Lysle, 1617
Witnesses: John Carver, near, Douver in Marendorp, Rosamond Jepson.
005 reg./ONA180fo. 52/24-10-1618Last Will and Testament
Parties: Thomas Brewer, widower of Anne Brewer, Leyden, Nieuwsteeg;
Testamentary disposition in which party's daughter, Mercy Brewer, is appointed sole heiress and in which John Carver is appointed as her guardian and sole executor of the estate. Legacies are bequeathed to: the English Church in Leyden two hundred guilders; John Carver one hundred guilders; Grietgen Savere twenty guilders and to Brewer's maidservant and manservant forty guilders each. John Carver receives a lump sum of three thousand guilders for which he has to maintain Mercy Brewer until she reaches the age of fourteen. After her fourteenth birthday he receives an annual allowance of two hundred and fifty guilders for her keep. John Carver has to place the proceeds of claims and sales during the first year following testator's death at the disposal of the Orphan Chamber in Leyden and he has to administer the remainder of the estate. It is also provided that if John Carver dies, William Jepson will replace him. If Mercy Brewer dies without issue Brewer's estate is to be divided as follows: Brewer's real property in England goes to John Brewer, his brother. The remaining property is divided into ten equal shares which are disposed of as follows: to John Brewer, the English Church in Leyden and John Carver one share each; one share to the brothers and sisters of party's deceased wife, equally share and share alike and by way of substitution; to party's nephews Richard and William Brewer one share each; to William Brewster one half share and to the Leyden Poor and the Leyden Library one quarter share each; to John Robinson and John Doot one half share each; the defrocked English pastors one half share and Henry, James and Richard Lee the other half of that share; one half of the last share to Henry Ainsworth of Amsterdam and the other half divided between the (English) Church in Amsterdam (one quarter share) and John Carver (one quarter share) for the purchase and/or sale of books banned by the bishops.
Witnesses: Maerten van Velden, pharmacist, Pieter van Velsen, notary's clerk.
004 reg./ONA179fo. 94v/7-12-1617Reciprocal Last Will and
Parties: Thomas Brewer, husband of Anne Brewer, Leyden, De Groene Poort, Pieterskerkhof; Anne Brewer, also known as Anne Offley, wife of Thomas Brewer, Leyden;
Testamentary disposition in which the parties appoint their children as their sole heirs. For any children under age Brewer appoints his wife and she appoints her husband as guardian, to the exclusion of any other person.
Witnesses: John Carver, Jonathan Brewster, William Brewster.
1042/B77/18-8-1618Marriage certificate
Parties: Roger Symonson, bachelor, mason, Sarum, dwelling at Amsterdam; Sarah Minther, widow of William Minther, Norwich, Daniel Fairfield, future brother-in-law, John Carver;
Marriage certificate Roger Symonson and Sarah Minther, 1618
Witnesses: Thomas Willet, father bride, Alice Willet, mother bride.
1028/B51/28-5-1616Marriage certificate
Parties: Henry Wilson, bachelor, pumpmaker, Yarmouth, Elisabeth Nicholas, spinster, Yarmouth, William Jepson, John Carver;
Marriage certificate Henry Wilson and Elisabeth Nicholas, 1616
Witnesses: Sarah Minther, Dorothy Bradford.

For more information regarding the "Leiden" (Leyden, Holland) years, the Mayflower, Plymouth Colony, see: (historical documents, including the Mayflower Compact)
Notes for John, Gov of Plymouth & Catherine (Family)
The Carvers of New England, Clifford Nickels Carver, p. 23:
"[John Carver] married Mrs. Catherine (White) Leggatt, a widow of George Leggatt and daughter of Alexander White of Sturton-leSteeple, on the River Trent, of North Nottinghamshire."
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