Parish Staff

Pastor   Fr. Mark Innocenti
Parochial Vicar Fr. Bill Vouk
Deacon  Rev. Mr. Bruce Geyer
Deacon Rev. Mr. Gerald Snyder
Bookkeeper  Phinee Zak
Secretary Sally Westfall
Director of Religious Ed  Linda Benson
Custodial  Thor Lindquist & Joan Jendro
Groundskeeper   Ernie Seelen
Parish Office 632-8243
Religious Ed Office  616-9689
Fax   616-2129
Financial Support

Adult Envelopes  $6819.50
Loose  $835.77
Youth  $34.15
Total  $7689.42
                    Thank you!
Amount Budgeted $7721.00
Deficit  $31.58

Do you seek full initiation
into the Church?

Full initiation into the Catholic Church consists of Baptism,  Eucharist and Confirmation. If you have not already received any or all of these sacraments, or know anyone who might be interested in receiving them, please call the parish office for information about RCIA.

Extraordinary Ministers
of the Eucharist
8:30 Mass

Precious Body--Alvina Hourscht
Precious Body--Judy Virnig
Precious Blood--Phinee Zak
Precious Blood --Karlene Snyder
Precious Blood--Rita Vosen
Precious Blood--Dorothy Koenig

10:30 Mass

Precious Body--Joe VonItter
Precious Body--Peg Martin
Precious Blood--Sandy Gay
Precious Blood--George Gold
Precious Blood--Jennifer Meyer
Precious Blood--Theresa Herschberger

Mass Intentions
Mon Sep 27  8:30 AM  †Evelyn Martens
Tue Sep 28 8:30 AM †Ida Sowada
Wed Sep 29 8:30 AM †Peter & Sophia
  Lampert &
Thu Sep 30 8:30 AM Increase in aware-
  ness of stewardship
Fri  Oct 1 8:30 AM †Fred Zak
11:00 AM  Pine Grove Manor
  For the Elderly
Sat Oct 2 9:00 AM Conversions &
  Those in Need
Sun Oct 3 8:30 AM People of Parish
10:30 AM  †Frances Kokot

Wed Sep 29 9:00 AM Quilters, Ch Bsmt
5:00 PM  Benediction, Church

Prayer Line

If you have a concern you would like held up in prayer, please call the parish office or Bob and Marlene Knopik, 632-3407

First Saturday
October 2
8:00 AM--Devotions
9:00 AM--Mass

Ministry of Praise and Mercy

General Intention: Conversion of sinners and an end to abortion and war

Particular Intention: That those men being called by God to the priesthood from the Tri-Parish Community will answer the call

8:30 Mass

Joe Houdek (Captain)
Sue Houdek
Jim Pekula
Roger Virnig
Mary Hanfler

10:30 Mass

Charlie Martin (Captain)
Tina Saehr
Kevin Snow
Ruth Witucki
Linda Kaiser

Coffee & Donuts October 3
8:30 Mass--Marlene & Bob Knopik
10:30 Mass--Mary & Jim Lang

Our Lady of Lourdes
parishioners Ray and Rose Calhoun have a view of the newly restored Middle School from their driveway.

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