Rev. Richard Sigmund

Rev. Richard Sigmund
“Little Richard”

Rev. Richard Sigmund started preaching when he was 7 years old. He continued to preach as a child during the 1950s era of healing evangelists. Frequently known as "Little Richard" because of his age, he knew A. A. Allen, William Branham, and worked for Kathryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts. Richard has a healing and prophetic anointing with signs and wonders following his preaching. Through his ministry, he has seen the dead raised 25 times.

Rev. Sigmund was himself in a severe car accident that left him dead for over eight hours. During that time, he visited a place called heaven. He saw the gates of heaven. He saw the records of his own life including 3-dimensional images of the revival meetings he was in as a child. He walked on streets of gold, picked flowers that would not fade or die, picked up living stones, saw long-departed preacher friends, watched the living creatures that cried "holy, holy, holy," around the throne of God--and he saw the foot of God.

Rev. Richard SigmundHe also saw and talked to Jesus who told him he had to return and tell what he had seen. Jesus also let him see parts of hell, the other place–a place of eternal horror–where the worm never dies. You don’t want to go there!

Video and audio tapes are available of Richard's experiences.  Link to Lightfall Publishing and a list of audio tapes available.

Dr. Richard Sigmund
1604 North Valley Lane, Apt 2B
Unionville, MO. 63565

Cleft of the Rock Ministries
Telephone (660) 947-7581

Reports of
October 2001
June 2002

October 2002, Video Tape

3 messages and some of the healing ministry time following.  

Also, Priscilla Sigmund ministers in song.

$19.95 includes shipping and handling

June 2002
Parts 4, 5

Location: C-I High School CHOIR ROOM, Crosby, Minnesota

Friday, June 7, 2002
7 PM "Iron Range Healing Service, Part 4"
With Rev. Richard Sigmund
and soloist Priscilla Sigmund
Special Music:  Chuck Hagberg & Paul Chase

Saturday, June 8, 2002
7 PM "Iron Range Healing Service, Part 5"
With Rev. Richard Sigmund
and soloist Priscilla Sigmund

Sunday, June 9, 2002
10 AM  Sunday Worship
Location:  Irondale Town Hall, Deerwood Shortcut (County Road 12)

June 2002 REPORT:
So far what I can remember:
A young boy's spine was straightened Friday so he could now touch his toes.
A leg was lengthened
Another leg was straightened
A neck was healed from a car accident – pain gone
A back was released from extreme pain
Arthritis removed
Numerous other miscellaneous things prayed for
Several fell into holy laughter
Some may have received baptism of fire--I am still checking
Almost everyone fell out under the anointing

Saturday, June 8, 2002:
numb foot restored
finger straightened
painful growth disappeared
stroke victims walking with restored strength
13 year old realizing gift of healing and prayed for the sick--they were slain
pains in legs removed
man from Evangelical Free, Brainerd, was touched and wants revival
people back for more--second dose
prayer clothe was like lightning for one person--he felt the power in it and it almost knocked him down

While the man’s finger was being straightened, another in the audience had a strange sensation in his wrist where all pain was removed and continues to be gone.  Link to followup story.

Sigmund gave a prophecy about an earthquake about to hit Iran.  Link to text and audio.
[There was an earthquake level 6 on 23 June.]

Legs straightened
Legs lengthened
Tumors going away
Stroke victims getting their sides strengthened
Finger straightened
Hearing loss now has tingling in ears
Foot pains gone
Back pains gone
Shingles prayed for
Wrists restored
Divorce–being encouraged with the laughter of the Lord
Religious hurt–joy of the Lord restores hope
Desire for great revival
Lots of falling down

Friday, June 7, 2002
My father brought my daughter up to be prayed for. (She was diagnosed with a hearing loss and will be getting hearing in about a week.) After she was done being prayed for, my dad handed her back to me, and my husband had to hold me up because I felt the power of God running through her. It was amazing!

Report from another. [On Friday, Richard said there was someone looking at divorce that he wanted to minister to.  She responded.]
"It was an awesome night though huh. What did you think? It was weird that divorce thing, cause I have been praying a lot about it, and didn’t go expecting an answer for that.  I also wonder why God wants to restore our marriage, when to me it seems un-repairable.  But God can do miracles you know"

Because of the newpaper article, I got to pray with a lady in the hospital with a brain tumor.  She is home now expecting complete healing.

Another was carefully watching for the three days of rain and called reporting fulfillment from his viewpoint on Sunday morning.

The meetings on Tuesday at Gethsemane were even more awesome with people receiving something and falling out before they got within 3 feet of Richard and before he even said anything to them.

October 2001
Parts 1, 2, 3

Location: Historic DEERWOOD AUDITORIUM, Deerwood, Minnesota

Friday, October 5, 2001
7 PM "Iron Range Healing Service, Part 1"
With Rev. Richard Sigmund

Saturday, October 6, 2001
7 PM "Iron Range Healing Service, Part 2"
With Rev. Richard Sigmund

Sunday, October 7, 2001
10 AM Sunday Morning Worship at Deerwood Auditorium
Rev. L. D. Kramer ministering
Rev. Richard Sigmund will pray for the sick

Sunday, October 7, 2001
7 PM "Iron Range Healing Service, Part 3"
With Rev. Richard Sigmund

October 2001 REPORT
October 8, 2001 - Iron Range Healing Services, October 5,6,7, 2001, with Rev. Richard Sigmund, at
     the Deerwood Auditorium.

     Friday – 61
     Saturday - 45
     Sunday Night - 36

     On Friday during the ministry time, there were several apparent spectacular healings. One man who
     had a broken back years past was almost able to touch his toes again like he used to before he broke
     his back. Another lady who couldn’t move her arms in a particular way was able to do it freely. Cancers
     were prayed for and pains went away. One person came in a wheelchair, left the wheelchair, and then
     later almost ran down the aisle to give another person in a wheelchair an encouraging word. One
     person by the act of just coming to the meetings–it was a miracle (we continue to intercede).

     It was reported to me that at least one person saw that the balcony was full of angels on Friday night. It
     was also reported that from the outside the building was glowing.

     On Saturday, one visitor came into the auditorium and immediately told someone that the Holy Spirit
     was definitely in this place tonight.

     I received the following report from five different people at three different times–and they had not
     heard each other’s reports--two on Saturday night, two on Sunday night, and one on Monday morning.
     This was reported with great excitement by each of them. Apparently during praise and worship time on
     Saturday, all of a sudden the building was full of angels praising with us. One report estimated at least
     500 to 700 of them were in the balconies and all around even in the air. They were using instruments
     that one person knew were not on the stage. They were all over the place and several reported the
     glorious heavenly harmonies being provided–the building was full of praise. Many seemed to hear
     something that could not be explained by the musicians or instruments though they did not see
     anything. Two more have reported to me that they saw angels that night.

     During ministry time, people were falling out from the shadow of hands. People were being touched
     mightily and falling out by simply being near us. We would only walk near them. A few times the chairs
     had to go scrambling. We helped several to go and sit down because they were so wobbly. Later, we
     had to help some get to the door to go home.

     Earlier that Saturday morning one person called me about a hip problem and we prayed on the phone
     with her. She came to the meeting even though her pain in her hip had gone. One person received what
     appeared to be a great spiritual release while being told about a pillar or beam of light coming down
     upon them.

     During ministry time two individuals witnessed the exact same thing and reported it at different times
     without knowledge of the other’s report. A lady had little black beings dancing all around and over her.
     Rev. Sigmund ministered in her direction and she fell out without being touched. Immediately, two large
     angels appeared with big swords and the stunned beings in black were swept away. This was reported
     identically by the two independent witnesses on different days.

     Though most of the church had already left, God was not done with her yet, so about 8 of us stayed and
     prayed as she travailed. God revealed to us that He was not done with her yet. She then experienced
     baptism of Fire for the first time (it was confirmed she had never had this experience before) and she
     was speaking loudly (at times) in tongues. Another person heard from here prophecies concerning
     future terrorists and how they will have little or no affect. There were many things said, but we didn’t
     catch them all. While she was in travail, we started worship and praise again.

     One witness of the two angels continued observing that during the "unplanned" praise time that
     followed, every once in a while more beings would show up almost in response to specific songs. The
     beings looked dumbfounded and puzzled and the angels would sweep them away with their swords. At
     about 10:30–after almost two hours of travail, she was ready to try to get up. She was only speaking a
     heavenly language very softly and the strength was not in her legs as if severely intoxicated. Two of us
     helped her to her car while she was laughing with the joy of the Holy Spirit. She was driven home and
     came back Sunday night speaking English again--but with a new countenance.

     On Sunday night, several people were ministered to in many different ways and some were still feeling
     the physical affects through Monday. People were falling out from just being blown on or a gesture or
     wave of hand.  One time Rev. Sigmund tossed his coat across to several people and they all fell in the
     Spirit. Even after "ministry time" was supposedly done, individuals who came to meet the evangelist
     and his wife were falling out under the power of God. One lady was prophesied over that though now
     she was unable to bare children, she would have three. Another who was expecting was informed that
     she would have three, a boy and girl right now. ("Do you have twins in your family?" was asked the
     night before).

     Several prophesies were said over the church. They included growth, stature, and healing–"Fear
     not--this is not all..." "Healing by only the shadows." And something else about a building being
     given--maybe this building.  [Another person had a dream a day or two before about this building being
     bought by a tall Texan for us.]

     Inquiries have already been made by individuals who have heard about what happened and now have
     other questions such as what we believe. Do we believe in tongues? Yes–we are Pentecostal. We are
     completely Pentecostal and we won't let the gifts slide away. And this power is not simply so that
     people can fall down or laugh uncontrollably. This power is so that souls can be witnessed to with the
     power of something that was indeed witnessed–that bodies will be healed in the authority of the name of
     Jesus to demonstrate that He has that authority on earth to forgive sins–and that he has given that
     authority to the church: you and me. We, with the power of the Holy Spirit–call it Pentecost– are
     commanded to preach the Kingdom of God is here, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cleanse the leper.
     We can’t do that without the power of the Holy Spirit working through us giving us a supernatural
     boldness to be witnesses of what we have seen. It is the authority of Jesus and He alone who can heal.
     It will be interesting to see what God brings about because of the seeds planted this past weekend. It
     will be exciting to realize the words prophesied over this portion of the body of Christ.

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