Rev. Richard Sigmund


Rev. Richard Sigmund
“Little Richard”

Rev. Richard Sigmund started preaching when he was 7 years old. He continued to preach as a child during the 1950s era of healing evangelists. Frequently known as "Little Richard" because of his age, he knew A. A. Allen, William Branham, and worked for Kathryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts. Richard has a healing and prophetic anointing with signs and wonders following his preaching. Through his ministry, he has seen the dead raised 25 times.

Rev. Sigmund was himself in a severe car accident that left him dead for over eight hours. During that time, he visited a place called heaven. He saw the gates of heaven. He saw the records of his own life including 3-dimensional images of the revival meetings he was in as a child. He walked on streets of gold, picked flowers that would not fade or die, picked up living stones, saw long-departed preacher friends, watched the living creatures that cried "holy, holy, holy," around the throne of God--and he saw the foot of God.

Rev. Richard SigmundHe also saw and talked to Jesus who told him he had to return and tell what he had seen. Jesus also let him see parts of hell, the other place–a place of eternal horror–where the worm never dies. You don’t want to go there!

Video and audio tapes are available of Richard's experiences and sermons.


A Place Called Heaven, $12.95




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Iron Range Healing Services, Oct 2002, Video Tape

3 messages and some of the healing ministry time following.  

Also, Priscilla Sigmund ministers in song.

$21.95 includes USA shipping and handling


A Place Called Heaven (2 VHS Video Tapes)    

Rev. Sigmund has a set of 2 video tapes that talk about his experiences as he toured heaven.  Cost is $39.95 which includes shipping and handling costs.  Shipment should be within a week of notification of payment received.


$39.95 includes USA shipping and handling



Prices include shipping and handling in the USA.


1.    A Place Called Hope,  $12.95 

2.    Let No Man Take Your Crown,  $12.95

3.    When Your World Crumbles (Divorce),  $12.95

4.    God's Last Message to America,  $12.95

5.     Spiritual Suicide,  $12.95

6.    The Door of Hope,  $12.95

7.    It's Time to Get Ready,  $12.95

8.    The Three Fold Cord,  $12.95

9.    Its Called Heaven (Tape 1),  $12.95

10.    Its Called Heaven (Tape 2),  $12.95

11.    The Best of the Story,  $12.95

12.    Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things,  $12.95

13.    Guess Who Is Laughing Now,  $12.95

14.    Restorer of the Breach,  $12.95

15.    How to Start a Fire with Wet Wood,  $12.95

16.    Who Put Out Your Fire (Tape 1),  $12.95

17.    Who Put Out Your Fire (Tape 2),  $12.95


1.    The Spirit of Deception,  $12.95

2.    The Spirit of Rebellion,  $12.95


3.    The Spirit of Travail,  $12.95


4.    The Spirit of Insensitivity,  $12.95


5.    Manifestation of the Holy Ghost,  $12.95


6.    The Fullness of Christ,  $12.95


7.    How to Get and Keep Your Miracle,  $12.95


8.    The Gift of the Love of God,  $12.95


9.    The Battle for the Will of Man,  $12.95


10.    The Ministry of Prophecy,  $12.95


11.    Thinking with the Mind of God,  $12.95


12.    How to Discover Your Ministry,  $12.95


13.    Get Ready for Signs and Wonders,  $12.95


14.    Overcoming Religious Spirits,  $12.95


15.    The Battle of the Mind,  $12.95


16.    The Battle of Body, Soul and Spirit,  $12.95


17.    The Invisible Chains,  $12.95


18.    The Secret of God's Presence,  $12.95


19.    The Anointing of Authority (Tape 1),  $12.95


20.    The Anointing of Authority (Tape 2),  $12.95


21.    The Secret Anointing,  $12.95


22.    How to Protect Your Anointing,  $12.95


23.    The Violent Take It By Force,  $12.95


24.    The Discernment of Spirits,  $12.95


25.    The New Man (Tape 1),  $12.95


26.    The New Man (Tape 2),  $12.95


27.    The Fullness of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit,  $12.95


28.    How to Conquer Your Territory,  $12.95


29.    God's Power In Your Life,  $12.95


30.    The Price of Having God's Power in Your Life,  $12.95


31.    The Invisible Chains,  $12.95

32.    Getting Rid of Idols in Your Life,  $12.95


33.    The Spirit of Obedience,  $12.95


34.    The Attitude of Gratitude (Tape 1),  $12.95


35.    The Attitude of Gratitude (Tape 2),  $12.95


36.    The Anointing of Authority (Tape 1),  $12.95


37.    The Anointing of Authority (Tape 2),  $12.95